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My (Research) Projects

Projects where I give or have given an essential contribution.

Research Projects funded by International Institutions/Bodies

  • Wireless Sensor Network for Ground Instability Monitoring (WiGIM), 2012-2017. EU Life+ Program
  • Cognitive-Networks-Enabled Transnational Proactive Healthcare (ConHealth), 2011-2016. Marie Curie Actions - International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)
  • EU-FP7 SEC-2012.4.2-2. [eVacuate] A holistic, scenario-independent, situation-awareness and guidance system for sustaining the Active Evacuation Route for large crowds, 2012-2016.
  • NexWay - Network of Excellence in Wireless Applications and Technology.
  • URAN, Ultrawideband Network of Excellence, WP1 leader.
  • SatNEx I and II, Satellite Communications Network of Excellence.
  • NewCom - Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications.
  • “Alternative Measurement Techniques for LEO-LEO Radio Occultation”, funded by European Space Agency (ESA) (2003-2004).
  • VICOM (Virtual Immersive Communications).
  • COST Action 262: “Spread Spectrum Systems and Techniques in Wireless and Wired Communications”.
  • COST Action 272: “Delivery of packet-oriented services via satellite”.
  • COST Action 273: “Towards mobile broadband multimedia networks”.
  • WWRF - Wireless World Research Forum

Research Projects funded by National Public Institutions/Bodies or Private Companies

  • AACPG, Analisi, Automazione e Certificazione del Processo Galvanico mediante impiego di tecnologie ICT
    • Topics: wireless sensor network for accurate localization of industrial logistics
    • Fundings: Tuscany Region, FAR-FAS 2014
  • Smartech, Smart Mattress for sleep monitoring and coaching, 2013-2016. [video]
    • Topics: smart sensors; e-health; wireless comm.
    • Fundings: private company.
  • WiSEC, Security at physical layer for wireless channels, 2011-2016.
    • Topics: physical layer security; tactical comm.
    • Fundings: Italian Ministry of Defence.
  • UWB Bio Track, UWB sensor network for healthcare, 2009-2011
    • Topics: wireless sensors; e-health; wellness; uwb comm and localization.
    • Fundings: Tuscany Region.
  • U-CARE, Wireless sensor network for healthcare, 2010-2012
    • Topics: wireless sensors; e-health; wellness; uwb comm and localization.
    • Fundings: Tuscany Region.
  • UWB logistics, UWB positioning system for logistics, 2009-2011
    • Topics: real-time localization; industrial logistics; uwb comm.
    • Fundings: Tuscany Region.
  • SoMain, 2010-2012
  • Sinter-Clean, 2010-2012
  • SiMob - Sistema Integrato per l’infoMobilità - Integrated system for infomobility, 2008-2011
  • STEEL - Sistemi, tecnologie abilitanti e metodi per la formazione a distanza - Enabling systems and tecnologies for e-learning, 2007-2010
  • SALICE - Satellite-Assisted LocalIzation and Communication systems for Emergency services, 2008-2010
  • David
  • “Reconfigurable Terminals for Context-Aware Heterogeneous Wireless Network”, funded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (2006-2007);
  • “Radio Interfaces for 4G Communications Systems”, funded by University of Florence (2004-2005);
  • “Role of satellites and reconfigurable receivers for multimedia applications”, funded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (2003-2004);
  • Multimedia, “Reti multimediali interattive con accesso ed interconnessione via satellite"
  • PRIN TOWN, "Optical - Wireless Networking"
  • PRIN ICONA, "Cognitive Radio"
  • PRIN, "CDMA techniques for broadband wireless terrestrial and satellite systems"
  • PRIN, “Broadband OFDM: an air interface for the 4-th generation of wireless systems”.
  • PRIN, “Networking with Ultra-Wide-Band Radio”
  • PRIN SALICE "Sistemi di localizzazione e comunicazione assistiti dal satellite per servizi di emergenza"